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Our Services

BCG’s commitment is to our customers & our tradesmen in the field. Our goal is to provide an optimal environment and culture for our employees while servicing our customers. Attention to detail & response is where we focus our efforts. In short, our commitment is to people, our goal is to lead via acts of service. We are 100% bilingual and educated at all levels ranging from field/trades to journeyman & at the university level for our project managers & owners.

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Commercial Roofing

  • Licensed (roofing & structural)

  • Insured ($2m liability, environmental - covering mold & workers comp)

  • Capital Improvement Projects

  • Dedicated Project Manager & Tradesmen for Entire Project

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Residential Roofing

  • 5 Year Installation Warranty

  • High Quality Products

  • Budgeting For HOA Reserve Studies & HOA Board Meetings

  • Construction Estimating Services



  • HAAG Certified & Local

  • 40+ years experience

  • Exterior Repair & Replacement

  • Gutters (5" & 6" seamless)

Professional Painting


  • Exterior Painting

  • Insurance Specialists

  • HOA Specialists

Carport Roof Emergency

Emergency Response

  • Hail & Wind Inspections

  • Finance Options Available